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Crochet pouch
  • Crochet pouch

    This handmade crochet pouch is made from recycled denim yarns, making it a perfect phone case. Create your own look and add a fashionable statement to your outfit. Embrace uniqueness.

    Wear it with pride, knowing that you are making a sustainable choice and supporting the upcycling movement.


    • Size

      Bag size: total hight 18cm, width 9cm.

      Handle drop: 56cm.

      The bag expands as you add more items.



    • Care

      Hand wash, or easy machine wash. Tumble dry.

    • Things to know

      Bag is handmade in Lithuania.

      The yarn is produced in Italy, recycling old jeans or jeans never worn. The fabric is torn, reduced in fibers and spun again. A 100% recycled and recyclable product for a more sustainable fashion.


    Bag color

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