Care instruction for our leather goods 

Please treat with care to extend the life of your bag. 

Avoid exposing your bag to extreme light, heat, or humidity.
We recommend to impregnate all type of leather hand bags

before usage and after cleaning.

When the season is over we recommend to temporary store your

favourite Distyled bag in our textile bag.

Dirts and dust

Please use leather foam and sponge for cleaning smooth textured leather.
Please use combined brush for velour and suede leather.

The key to removing dirt and other such marks is not to use too much pressure, the high pressure likely to remove the finish

and damage the leather.

Test the cleaner first on an inconspicuous part of your item

before applying it completely.

Remember to protect your item again after cleaning.

Care instrustions 

Piñatex® | ECO collection


Inspired by the intrinsic characteristics of pineapple leaf fibres,

Piñatex® has a textural expression and carries the features of softness, pliability and strength. Piñatex® is a versatile textile which is strong, breathable, light and flexible and can be easily stitched, embossed and cut. Like any natural product, Piñatex® Original

needs regular care.



Please read the following instructions carefully:


To keep your Piñatex® product in top condition, we recommend

to wax Piñatex® products before use and thereafter

on a regular basis.


For bags, use a natural wax. After application, leave the product

in a warm place for 24 hours and rub gently with a soft cloth.

We also recommend using Liquiproof Protector™, a natural

non-toxic coating that will make the product

water and stain resistant.

Polishing and scratching

Distyled hand bags are made out  of selected leathers

and has undergone  several  treatments to give it the

experienced handmade  touch. 

Each  leather  has unique  markings and a character  of  its  own

and enrich the design with natural look.

If you don’t like the antique effect that scratches will give to your Distyled bag then it’s advised that you keep it away from sharp objects and generally give it careful consideration when handling

and placing it down on the ground, etc.

Water or other liquid stains

Distyled leather bags should be protected from getting wet,

but if bag gets wet they should be wiped with a dry cloth and allowed to dry naturally. If your bag gets wet  simply leave it in a place that is normal room temperature until it dries naturally.

Oil based stains may be difficult to remove from all leather. 

Don’t rub the cloth over the leather, instead, pat it onto the stain to avoid spreading the oil. Cover the spot with talcum powder or cornstarch. Rub the powder in lightly with your fingers, leave the powder on stain preferably overnight,

shake off the excess powder, and then brush off the remaining powder with a soft cloth.


Important: The product has been treated to avoid color transfer,

however pay attention to rubbing against contrast colors when firstly used. Please be aware: Light coloured leather is prone to absorbing bright colors it comes into contact with, so please take care when wearing items like denim with a light coloured bag.

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