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Care instrustions for Eco leather goods
Care instruction for leather goods
Care instruction for leather goods
Care instrustions for Eco leather goods
Care instrustions for Eco leather goods

                      Vegan leather 

It's  a type of vegan leather known as microfiber, making it the most premium option among other vegan leathers. It is a versatile textile that possesses strength, breathability, lightness, and flexibility. It closely resembles natural leather in appearance, delivering a superior and luxurious feel.

Dirts and dust

Please use soap foam and a sponge for cleaning vegan-leather bag.

important: The product has been treated to avoid color transfer,

however pay attention to rubbing against contrast colors when firstly used. Please be aware: Light coloured vegan-leather is prone to absorbing bright colors it comes into contact with, so please take care when wearing items like denim with a light coloured bag.




Water or other liquid stains

Distyled leather bags should be protected from getting wet,

but if bag gets wet they should be wiped with a dry cloth and allowed to dry naturally. If your bag gets wet  simply leave it in a place that is normal room temperature until it dries naturally.

Oil based stains may be difficult to remove from vegan leather. 

Don’t rub the cloth over the leather, instead, pat it onto the stain to avoid spreading the oil. Cover the spot with talcum powder or cornstarch. Rub the powder in lightly with your fingers, leave the powder on stain preferably overnight,

shake off the excess powder, and then brush off the remaining powder with a soft cloth.


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