Dear World,
these are our practices in respect of sustainability.

We are a very young brand, run by a small team, highly involved in every step of the design and production process. Distyled bags are produced only locally and in small quantities.

We are committed to sourcing the most ethical materials possible, with an emphasis on low-environmental impact and longevity for minimal discard.

Organic fibers or garments are made avoiding harsh chemicals and pesticides.

We use eco-material - microfiber, which is a vegan leather alternative soon to be recyclable.

Local production

If you shop at your local green grocer or butcher because you like to be aware of supporting the little, local, good guys, then this is the value for you.

We produce as close to our studio base as possible in most cases. We pay attention to our local communities and strive to give business back to them.

We respect local traditions and ways of doing business. 


We prefer the bags we manifacture to be free from nasty chemicals. Chemical free materials are also known as environment's beloved ones.

We produce items that are low stock, exclusive, reduced in rotation and long lasting.

For logistics, we work with DPD transport company, which delivers our bags by land transport mostly. The company operates under environmental system certificate ISO14001.

We respect our team members who collaborate on producing our dream - Distyled bags.


We do reflect this by paying living wages and conducting business in responsible work places.


Fur-free partner
We do not use, sell or promote any apparel or accessories containing of real animal fur.