In the beginning, there was silence.




No rumours of crowds marching through the streets,

no engines roaring in front of a red light,

no loud screens showing somebody’s fifteen minutes of fame.


The world was so quiet that everything could be heard:

a distant rain,

the pine trees being touched by a delicate wind,

the skilful flight of a sudden bird.

And is this past,

this initial beat of life

that woke up the Earth what we wanted to rescue.


This silence that connects us with nature,

the tranquillity of simplicity that makes time eternal.

Our task is not to transform the world.

We want to express what has always been there,

the perpetual spirit of the origin.

We took out every element that made a noise,

until we were left just with the quiet core of the universe,

with the primordial silence

that makes us feel part of everything else,

that makes us reconnect with our planet.

Because to be original, you need to get in touch with the origin itself.