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Mini trash bag

Mini trash bag

Hi! I am a mini trash bag.
I will keep your phone perfectly safe. With all your
secrets, inspirations, and games you play to kill time.
While I hold your phone you can relax and take a deep
breath. Forget all the drama and pressure you feel
online. Just be yourself and enjoy life.
I am your brake from the online labyrinth.

  • Size

    Bag size: Height - 20cm/ Width - 10cm.

    Rope strap: Adjustable length.

  • Care

    Please use soap foam and a sponge to clean your Distyled bag.

  • Things to know

    This bag is crafted from a type of vegan leather known as microfiber, making it the most premium option among other vegan leathers. It is a versatile textile that possesses strength, breathability, lightness, and flexibility. It closely resembles natural leather in appearance, delivering a superior and luxurious feel.

Bag color: neon red

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